6.2 Build a neighbourhood management approach

Public, voluntary, community and faith organisations should should work in  collaboration with local people to:
  • Build on the successful single neighbourhood management approach in Birmingham.
  • Identify the relevant social inclusion issues and the local priority actions needed to address these for each neighbourhood.
  • Build on existing neighbourhood boards, neighbourhood forums and neighbourhood networks so as to develop linkages with service providing organisations in particular, health, education, community safety and business and economic development.
  • Over time, procure flexible local coordination to neighbourhoods, which incorporate and promote community leadership.
  • Procurement could be done through a local prospectus, which would invite neighbourhood organisations to submit proposals to the neighbourhood boards.
  • Build relationships between neighbourhoods to share examples of learning and good practice, strengthening relationships between neighbourhoods by encouraging “neighbourhood twinning”.
  • Explore the possibility of developing Neighbourhood Trusts that could provide a gateway for social finance and external funding toBirmingham’s priority neighbourhoods.
  • Address the negative stigma which is placed on some local areas, by encouraging aBirmingham’s alumni of ex residents to promote the area