1.7 Develop an integrated employment and skills approach for Birmingham

  • The Birmingham Employment and Skills Board should be asked to lead on developing an integrated employment and skills approach for Birmingham so that the growth areas identified by the LEP for example, tourism and retail are designed into plans for employment and skills.
  • Birmingham should lead a strategy to raise the worth and value of key professions set to expand over future years, such as childcare, care for the elderly and social work.  Greater investment and emphasis should be given to developing training and career pathways in these professions so that they are attractive options for people.  Serious consideration should be given to align resources of the colleges / training providers, universities and the city council to deliver this for the city.
  • Run a campaign to promote the apprenticeship programme to businesses to increase participation (currently only 10% of businesses have apprenticeships) and extend and adapt the Birmingham Apprenticeship Programme so that smaller businesses can participate.
  • Establish a Birmingham back to work programme for adults. This should look at a pathway that includes pre-employment – and an apprenticeship leading to a job.