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5.1 Create a Birmingham Jobs Fund

The voluntary sector working with partners from the public and business sectors should develop a ‘Birmingham Jobs fund’ programme taking the best elements of the Future Jobs Fund programme and other initiatives.  This could be recreated through the Birmingham and Solihull Big Lottery Fund Talent Match prospectus.

5.2 Turn education success into career success

Organisations should come together to develop a youth employment strategy for the city. This should include developing a business led education forum to support every school and their teachers to develop strategic relationships with local firms. The council and local businesses should support schools to adopt established models of work-based learning in school education. Clearer […]

5.3 Free Transport for Young People

Public transport should be free for young people in Birmingham. Transport operators, public bodies and businesses should find a way to make this possible

5.4 Targeted support so young people can access education

Centro, the city council, schools, colleges and universities should look at targeting support for young people to stay in further education, for example, a low cost transport scheme or a local Education Maintenance Allowance style bursary.

5.5 Develop a Birmingham “Right to Play” campaign

A Birmingham “Right to Play” campaign should be developed – with the mission of enabling every child and young person, whatever their background the time, access and opportunity to play. Birmingham City Council, working with Arts and sports organisations, should develop Birmingham’s version of the National Trust’s “things to do before you are 11 ¾ […]

5.6 Develop mentoring models so all young people can access a mentor

Develop a universal approach to mentoring for all children in the city.