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2.1 Institutions need to better reflect Birmingham’s diversity

Proactive action should be taken by civic institutions, businesses and political organisations reflect the increasingly diverse population of Birmingham. All service providers need to make a commitment to ensure a greater responsiveness and flexibility in their service provision – tailoring their services to meet specific needs of specific communities

2.2 Develop a set of rights and responsibilities for Birmingham

To build greater social cohesion a set of rights and responsibilities for citizens of Birmingham should be developed in partnership with local people, reflecting life in a 21st century super-diverse city. These should cover public service expectations, access to work and education, and active citizen involvement in local democracy.

2.3 Develop welcome centres and do more to support new arrivals in the city

Neighbourhood welcome centres should be established across the city to ensure that new arrivals, both from within the city and outside, receive the information, contact and assistance they need. Building on work by the Children’s Society, the City Council conduct in-depth research into the causes and effects of child destitution in those refugee and migrant […]

2.4 Ensure Birmingham develops an “open city” approach

The city should develop a campaign to promote Birmingham as a welcoming and inclusive city. The city council needs to lead an ‘open city’ approach providing open spaces and social events that provide the opportunity for intercultural activity