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1.1 Produce a “distinctively Birmingham” inclusive growth strategy

The City Council working with business and education experts and with the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) should develop a local inclusive growth strategy for Birmingham. It should integrate plans for investment with plans for unemployment and target the areas of greatest need.  It should operate on two levels: first, at the level of the city […]

1.2 Develop an approach to “locales”

This approach is about bringing community development and economic development together. Recognising the “locale” concept would encourage Birmingham to consider the diversity of locales or local economies that lie within the city. It is important to appreciate that every “locale” will have different infrastructural advantages and difficulties and will have distinctive features within its local […]

1.3 Build local employment and skills approaches around each ‘Locale’

Within each ‘Locale’ appropriate Birmingham partnerships should be formed between businesses, schools and colleges and other potential business partners such as housing associations, to design and implement appropriate skills programmes and pathways to employment.  This should be based on a skills assessment in each of the locales to identify skill strengths and gaps in the […]

1.4 Put greater emphasis on small and micro-businesses including social enterprise

Greater emphasis should be put on promoting small and micro businesses including social enterprise.  This debate should reach out to the many successful businesses and enterprising individuals from new and migrant communities. These businesses need to be convinced that they are part of the answer and it is in their interest to invest in the […]

1.5 Foster and develop the entrepreneurial spirit of our young people and our migrant communities

Self-employment generally has been neglected by government and the city’s strategic leaders. Funding and business support structures that help small family and micro businesses in local communities need to be established Support should be provided to develop entrepreneurial skills in deprived communities so that new micro businesses can flourish New initiatives to encourage the creation […]

1.6 Action to help socially excluded families

The troubled families programme, if it works, should make a major contribution to improving the life chances of these families.  However there are many families that are not in scope for this programme but are nevertheless vulnerable and experiencing economic hardship.  Further work should be undertaken to explore what other a support could be made […]

1.7 Develop an integrated employment and skills approach for Birmingham

The Birmingham Employment and Skills Board should be asked to lead on developing an integrated employment and skills approach for Birmingham so that the growth areas identified by the LEP for example, tourism and retail are designed into plans for employment and skills. Birmingham should lead a strategy to raise the worth and value of […]

1.8 Develop innovative finance models building on local businesses’ Corporate Social Responsibility

The city council and its partners should implement new forms of finance and a community budgeting approach (pooling and/or aligning budgets) to enable the recommendations to happen. Companies should be encouraged to orientate their CSR (corporate social responsibility) strategies, policies and activities towards initiatives aimed at reducing social exclusion. Gain commitment by the city council, […]