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4.1 Targeted reduction in the cost and access to safe transport

Centro, colleges, schools and the council should explore a targeted reduction in the cost of transport, particularly for young people and families. Establish more safe cycling routes and support more community transport initiatives to improve the mobility of people in particular parts of the city to accept jobs.

4.2 Connect people through digital means

Recognising that not everybody’s social structures are defined by where they live or who their neighbours are, the council should work with partners in the business sector to address the digital divide.  The “smart city” commission  should make digital inclusion a priority, extending digital connectivity across communities.

4.3 Develop more open spaces and community assets

Develop more open spaces and community assets to bring people together in local areas. There should be a drive for co-production and user led design of our shared spaces and assets, for example, the use of allotments for education, food production and ‘getting communities together’. Reform the use of local public buildings and spaces – […]

4.4 Create a “barrier free” city

Make a commitment to becoming a “barrier free” city – ensuring that disabled people have access, on an equal basis with others, to the social, cultural and economic life of the city.

4.5 Bringing people together through culture, arts and sport

Take cultural activities out into the communities Make city centre art and culture more accessible to Birmingham residents Create intercultural activities that bring people together in a social setting Support and encourage more sport and physical activity, building on the Olympic legacy