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3.1 Prepare for Welfare Reform

Establish a welfare reform action committee to coordinate Birmingham’s response. Birmingham City Council should develop a policy position on welfare reform including how the Social Fund will be administered.  Consideration should also be given to the areas where there is discretion and how this will be managed. An urgent data modelling exercise should be completed […]

3.2 Use innovative and social solutions to support vulnerable people

Public health bodies and the voluntary sector should work together to support vulnerable people.  Rather than using medical intervention for loneliness and exclusion, prescribe social solutions such as befriending schemes, peer solutions and user groups. The city council should encourage social corporate responsibility with food producers and distributors to develop redistribution schemes for vulnerable people.

3.3 Combat fuel poverty

Fuel poverty is an urgent and growing problem in Birmingham.  The city council should work closely with Birmingham’s Affordable Warmth Partnership and the Green Commission to tackle the problem. Successful programmes such as Birmingham energy savers should be replicated widely across the city.